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At Sefina pantbank – the largest pawnshop chain in the nordic region, you can easily and right away borrow money with your privately owned items as collateral. We have been in business since 1884, and have 20 stores in Sweden. bänkskiva som liknar marmor. We have well educated staff that can give your item the right evaluation. With a pawn loan, you will never get in debt. And you will never end up at the debt collector agencies.

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We accept almost anything with a second hand value. We always encourage our customers to come into our stores and show us the item. You can also use the online evaluation service right here.
However – most people brings gold, jewelry and watches. But also art, brand name handbags, electronics and sports equipment is ok. The important thing is for your item to have a value to the second hand market.

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It takes only a couple of minutes! Our specialist evaluates and appraisal your item. After that you are given a sum on how much you can lend. If you accept – the money is yours within a few minutes. Either you can have it straight away, or we can send it to your bank account. Your pledged item is carefully kept in our vaults. Your loan is insured in compliance with the strict Swedish pawnbroking laws.

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You need to be at least 18 years of age, and present a valid identification (could be an EU-passport, drivers license or similar). We do not exclude anyone.

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All loans run for three months, but you can at any time of your choice pay of your loan and collect your item. Or, when the three months have passed, you can either extend your loan by paying the actual interest. A new loan period will then start (3 more months). Another option is to pay the interest and a part of the loan. You can decide how little or big that part is.

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You pay a monthly interest rate. We do not charge any other fees, except for a start-fee which is always 50 SEK. Interest is calculated on the first day of every new 30-day-period. Interest is tax-deductible. klösterli weincafe klösterlistutz 16 3013 bern.

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